Quattro Joomla Template

Quattro Template with Page Builder

Quattro is a clean and responsive Joomla template for the development of modern websites. This template is very different from our other templates for a good reason. This is the first template based on our Joomla Page Builder. It’s a game-changer Hot Joomla template because it allows you to create and edit layout and content of your Joomla articles and custom modules easily.

Quattro is the first Joomla template created for our new page builder. It’s a modern and lightfast page builder developed in vanilla JavaScript. It allows you to build your Joomla pages and visually control what you are creating. The page builder is fully integrated with Joomla as an editor and it’s not a separate component. Therefore, you can edit, articles, categories, custom modules, products…


Key Features

5 Color Schemes

The Hot Gym template is available in dark color scheme with 5 different accented colors. It's easy to create your own color schemes or change pre-defined colors through the template framework.

The Sparky Framework

The backend of the Hot Gym Joomla template is based on the Sparky Framework. Using a drag and drop technology you can create or edit website layout and add or remove elements (module positions, menus, logo) and other...

Drop-down Menu

This template has a top menu with submenu items on deeper levels. The sub-menu panes open on mouse-over on desktop.

Joomla Editor to Edit Everything

All content of the Hot Gym template comes from Joomla articles or modules. The editor style is included in the template.

Other Features:

Responsive Template
Sparky Page builder
5 pre-defined color palettes.
The top menu system
Layout Editor
HotStart (quick-start installation)

Ithem Inforation:

Version: 1.0.0
Compatibility: Joomla 3 – Joomla 4 beta
Released On : 02 February 2021
Updated On:   03 February 2021
Author: Hot Joomla Templates



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