New WP Robot 5 is released

Our WordPress bloggers (readers) can look forward to the WP Robot 5 Released last week, the successful release of WP Robot 5, which is the biggest upgrade I have not yet been created. This is essentially complete processing of the most popular WP auto blogging plug, switch to a SaaS model and adding a lot of new features.

WP Robot was already considered the best WordPress autoblogging plugin by many when we decided to make it even better. Released in August 2016 version 5 is our largest update since the first version of WP Robot was revealed back in 2009.

Large parts of the annex have been rewritten from scratch, and WP Robot 5 is essentially a brand new plugin. She got a new modern interface and many other new značajkekao as the WP Robot Modules, to make sure that you can deliver a superior auto blogging results, and that it is ready for SEO in 2016 and beyond…

WP Robot 5 Trial Version

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