Gourmand Joomla Template

Recipe and Food Blog Joomla Template

Have you been looking for the right template to create your food blog or recipe website? Look no further, as we are introducing Gourmand, a fully responsive, feature-rich, and beautifully designed Joomla template for food and recipes related websites. Showcase your culinary skills online with aesthetically designed pages to impress food lovers.

Gourmand comes with a couple of home variations, ready pages, and more to cater to the needs of cooking studios, food blogs, restaurants, chefs, and anyone with an interest to promote food businesses online. Discuss food, nutrition, health benefits of different food items, share recipes, and do so much more.



Key Features

SP Page Builder Pro

The Gourmand Joomla template is built with the powerful SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate. Its intuitive live site-building mechanism is going to make your development phase a breeze.

Pages for Quick Launch

The Gourmand Joomla template comes with a wide range of built-in pages that you can use to launch a complete recipe blog and catalogue website in the least possible time.

Recipe Site With Ads

Recipe sites and food blogs come with huge monetization opportunities. Gourmand template lets you show ad units in different places on your website. You can display ads on your blog, recipe directory page, and more.

Food and Recipe Blog

Publish recipe articles, cooking tips & tricks, food reviews, nutrition guidelines, or any other food-related posts. Let visitors have ideas about your recipes and get tasty and healthy food suggestions on your blog.

Other Features:

2 Niche-specific home layouts
Aesthetically designed for food business niches
Rich recipe listing with multiple categories
Showcase recipe methods, ingredients
Monetize with decent ad placements
Helix Ultimate and SP Page Builder Pro

Ithem Inforation:

Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Joomla 3
Released On: 01 March 2021
Updated On:  03 March 2021
Author: JoomShaper


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