Coworking Joomla Template

Coworking spaces are popular between freelancers and startup companies.

The Coworking template is a typical business template. It contains a long home page with many elements that you can enable or disable per your needs. Some of these elements are in Joomla modules. A big part of the home page and all interior pages is in Joomla articles. You can edit them easily using just the default Joomla content editor or another editor of your preference.

The home page is available in 2 variants. The first variant contains a responsive carousel with slides that contain images, text, and call to action buttons. The second variant contains a big container with video background and text with a call to action buttons.



Key Features

Use Joomla Editor

All content of the Hot Coworking template comes from Joomla articles or modules. Therefore, you can edit everything visually using just the core Joomla editor or another editor of your preference.

The Sparky Framework

The backend of the Hot Coworking Joomla template is based on our most popular product: the Sparky Framework. Using a drag and drop technology you can create or edit website layout and add or remove elements...

Drop-down Menu

This template has a top menu with submenu items on multiple levels. The sub-menu panes open on mouse-over on desktop. The menu is 100% responsive...

5 Color Schemes

The Hot Coworking template is available in 5 color schemes. Each style is based on a different accent color and background colors.

Other Features:

Drag and Drop Framework
Responsive Template
4 pre-defined styles with different colors
Sparky Joomla template framework.
The top menu system
15 module positions

Ithem Inforation:

Version: 1.1
Compatibility: Joomla 3.x
Released On : 08 September 2020
Updated On: 25th September 2020
Author: Hot Joomla Templates



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